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TEITANBLOOD 'Death' vinyl repress

TEITANBLOOD embroidered patch

DEATHSPELL OMEGA 'Si Monvmentvm Circvmspice, Reqvires' DLP repress

DEATHSPELL OMEGA 'Drought' LP repress

TEMPLE OF ONA tapes: Sinister Musick of the Deverills Volume II; Chant of the ONA; Behold, the Blood of the Moon

DEAD CONGREGATION 'Promulgation of the Fall' LP

BLACK TWILIGHT SERPENT design embroidered patch

CLAVICULA NOX - V - Magic and Mayhem, standard edition.

a definitive date for TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK 3LP box, 2CD digipack

and numerous updates on forthcoming :AJNA: and Unseen Forces titles.

We don't know final pricing on many of these titles, so we'll list everything up on the 17th.