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'Sathanas Trismegistos' CD

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  • "Creeping with a sinister vibe of the occult, Head of the Demon deliver a slow, brooding darkness that stirs some sense of 'this isn't quite right' in the back of the brain (...) Sweden's Head of the Demon is super-weird, super-interesting, super-dark doom that stands apart by dint of a ritualistic edge, black heavy metal influences, and an enduring obsession with Lovecraft. They've got that creepy, not-quite-human vibe that bands like MORTUARY DRAPE and NEGATIVE PLANE harness so effectively, but slow it all down to a staid pace—think a de-fuzzed but just as eerie SATURNALIA TEMPLE. Their new album, Sathanas Trismegistos, is already one of the strangest black metal-adjacent recordings I've heard this year, and it's proving impossible to stop listening. It's music that gets inside your head, just like the slithering horror of the band's spiritual guide has done to generations of readers and acolytes. ..The release date for this one is a bit elaborate, even in terms of multi-label, multinational releases. So: Sathanas Trismegistos is already out in Europe (as of April 30th, Walpurgisnacht) via Invictus Productions, while the North American version—handled by the Ajna Offensive—officially comes out May 20. So, basically, you can go buy it right now (and risk incurring gnarly shipping costs), or cultivate a little patience and snap it up more locally at the end of the month"            - Noisey - Music By Vice

"It is very difficult for me to strictly label Head of the Demon’s Sathanas Trismegistos as doom metal; I just find it very difficult to place it anywhere else. This is about as epic as doom metal can get. Usually, when a band tries to make an epic doom album, the words boring, yawn, and sleepy come to mind. With Sathanas Trismegistos, the words phenomenal, extraordinary, unique, and impressive come to mind...There is an undertone of black metal that drives this album alongside its mainly doom metal overture. My favorite part about this album is the fusing of elements of psychedelic rock into the already-solid doom and black metal presentation without eliminating the evil-sounding vibes. This is a magnificent album with a lot of creativity oozing from each riff. There is a thick atmosphere of occult that surrounds this album like a black aura. There is an evil energy that dwells in this album. It feels like this album is channeling spirits from another realm or dimension...Each song on Head of the Demon’s new album is hypnotic and desensitizing. Each track has these little riff passages that rip hard as hell. This album definitely has some sort of spell that casts itself upon you. Simplicity played with perfect timing is the key to Sathanas Trismegistos. This is a solid doom metal album that is strictly true to itself and genre...There is not much in the doom metal world - or black metal, for that matter - that I would compare Head of the Demon to. Sathanas Trismegistos is a uniquely rich experience that holds no comparison. This is one of those albums that is going to change the way the genre of doom is thought about" - MetalXtreme.com [4/5 rating]