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Star Autopsy’ includes nine multi-dimensional dark ambient tracks; from radiant textures to mesmerizing, swirling soundscapes. From dense, crushing walls of sound to hidden abstract melodies. By using conventional instruments, various sound generating devices, such as analog synthesizers and samplers, vocals and other carefully chosen sonic objects Zoät-Aon creates an unique, dynamic and truly enigmatic atmosphere that continuously spirals further towards the unknown areas of consciousness. Total running time: 66:21.

The album comes in an 6 panel cardboard covers with evocative silver printed graphics.

1 Totem Owl 4:25
2 Tellus Sinks 3:04
3 Infra-Saturn 1:17
4 Exo 7:01
5 Flesh Treasury 9:29
6 Dark Grammar 7:10
7 Possessed Constellation 9:39
8 Theriomorphic Heralds 12:30
9 Skeletal Sphinx 11:40