Path of the Devil edition.

Limited to 200 copies.

The follow-up to Diabolic Gnosticism, by Frater Kafyrfos.

Where Diabolic Gnosticism presented us with the philosophical basis of how to understand the mysteries of the Blood and the Devil, Wolf’s Hooked Cross shows us the practical methods to work with said mysteries. The praxis of Diabolic Gnosticism involves recognising the sinister essence of writhing Chaos within and setting it free. It is a dynamic and organic way of understanding and using magic, psychology and spirituality. This book describes the cycles of rituals, initiations and the symbolism of the Devil’s Current.

Diabolic Gnosticism, or the knowledge of the Devil, is an alternative to Christian Gnosticism and offers a post-, anti- and non-Christian perspective or framework for coming to know the divinity of the Blood – the Blood-as-God or the Devil-as-God. Diabolic Gnosticism could be considered to be the combination of exoteric Devil worship and esoteric Blood worship, Diabolic Gnosticism being a wide reaching sinister spiritual movement. Devil, Chaos and Death worship currents are the exoteric form of actual Blood worship and Blood Mysticism, Blood Mysticism being the esoteric spiritual path. The Devil in Diabolic Gnosticism is not temptation and weakness. It does not represent the failings and failures of an adherent, but rather it is the inner Will and the anti-human urge. The Devil in many ways is the instigation of withdrawal from humankind and humanity generally. By withdrawing from one’s humanity an individual can then come to know of his depth of character. One becomes a stranger or an outsider to many-too-many.

As it was the case with Diabolic Gnosticism, the visions contained in Wolf’s Hooked Cross have been manifested through the art of Néstor Avalos, who brings forth the essence of this work with his striking and recognizable style. Aside from the full-page illustrations, the book contains several other sigils and images created by Frater Kafyrfos.

This paperback edition is intended to serve as a field workbook, one that the adepts can take with themselves to perform the many outdoor rituals described in this book. Although this is a softcover edition, it is still bound and crafted with good materials, and should withstand the pass of time and the wear and tear that comes with frequent consultations. The cover has been hot-stamped in gold with the Path of the Devil sigil.

Specifications: 153 pages, 120 g. paper. Octavo size (135x190 mm), soft cover bound in faux crushed black leather with black end papers (140 g.). Cover hot-stamped in gold with the Path of the Devil sigil. 3 full-page illustrations and several other sigils. 200 copies.