WHITE STAINED COVERS - Various Artists Cassette (Used)

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Originally sold with "Still Going Strong" - a 100 page A4 sized book collecting Whitehouse articles and interviews. We ended up with the tape and no book.

Cover is cut too large for the plaster case, so expect that. 

A1 Stan Presley & The Glitter Dust All Stars– Rock & Roll
A2 The Ooo– I'm Coming Up Your Ass (With A Love Like That)
A3 Shitehouse– Mean As A Wasp
A4 NKVD (2)– Trice Is Just As Nice
A5 Family Of Noise– Mindphaser
A6 Expose Your Eyes– Best Interview Yet
B1 THF– Totally Sick
B2 Another Headache– Say Thank You Mistress
B3 Fist Fuckers– You Don't Have To Say Please
B4 Earphaser– I'm Coming Round Your House
B5 Rob Cox Fan Club– Rapemaster Blues
Limited edition of 350 hand-numbered copies.