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Om Undergång Och De Tretton Järtekn LP 

The second installment in WO’s apocalyptic series. This is the perfect twin to ‘Om Domedag..’, another blast of raw and homemade pagan black metal. Full of vibrant energy and vitality - one thing you can assume with WO’s black metal endeavors, is that each second is oozing with musicality - memorable riffs and rhythms, delivered in a primitive and straightforward way, and with a genre that benefits from purity, chew slowly, it’s GOOD stuff. “Om Undergang..” might even be more forceful and anthemic with a well balanced tracklisting of strange psychedelic interludes and propulsive neck bobbers, often times accompanied by strange distorted vocals that sound like an orator shouting to a crowd of blood thirsty devotees

 It’s music that should appeal to most people, but there is that obvious Scandinavian spirit that lives on in this music.  With WO functioning as the sole member of his projects, operating from the small and rural Swedish island of Solleron, you must assume that the spirits of the land work their way into the music. Ingest it in it’s premiere form of limited gold or regular black vinyl with gold metallic printing and large fold-out insert. 

Second Pressing on Black and Gold splatter Vinyl