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Leather bound reproduction

History: The Voynich Manuscript dates back to the early 15th century. This magnificent piece of history is illustrated in a mysterious secret code, which has been studied by British Code-breakers, cryptographers, and other professionals, all of whom have failed to decipher the document. 500 years to this day, the true meaning and purpose of the manuscript remains a mystery to world.
Description: The original Voynich Manuscript is made from costly vellum. We have taken immense care to source material, with the same texture and feel, to match authenticity. The script is printed directly from high-def scans of the original piece. Everything is hand-stitched, and bound together, with a single piece of custom-picked leather. Our reproductions are so authentic, you might mistake it for the real thing.
• 208 pages printed from high-definition scans of the original
• 5 double-folio
• 3 triple-folio
• 1 quadruple-folio