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: Occultism, Magic and Visual Culture

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edited by Daniel Zamani and Judith Noble

Select papers from the 2014 University of Cambridge conference that explore the historical relationship between visual culture and magic.

– 32cm x 23.5cm (12.5" x 9.25")
– 208 pages
– colour illustrations
– textured tan endpapers
– premium tan cloth, dust-jacket blocked gilt

  1. Introduction: The Magic of Art – Judith Noble, Daniel Zamani and Gražina Subelytė
  2. ‘Go Wherever You Wish, for Verily You Are Well Protected’: Seal Designs in Late Ottoman Amulet Scrolls and Prayer Books – Christiane Gruber
  3. Protection against Evil in Byzantium: Magical Amulets and Their Survival from the Early to the Late Byzantine Period – Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie
  4. Fascinated by Fascination: Female Privacy and the Leipzig Love Magic Panel – D. Lyle Dechant
  5. Leaking, Shrieking and Venomous Bodies: European Witch Imagery in the Sixteenth Century – Deanna Petherbridge
  6. Visual Art in Christian Theosophy: Engravings in Jakob Böhme’s Works (1682) and in the Eighteenth Century – Antoine Faivre
  7. Mercury, Venus and Alchemy in Rudolfian Prague: Bartholomaeus Spranger’s Variations on Correggio’s Education of Eros – Nikola Piperkov
  8. The Alchemical Androgyne: The Rewards and Pitfalls of a Feminist Approach – M. E. Warlick
  9. The Magician, the Mermaid and the Ouroboros: Franz von Stuck and the Iconography of Alchemy – Nathan J. Timpano
  10. The Devil’s Livery: The Role of Nudity in the Depiction of Witchcraft, Wicca and Satanism – Leo Ruickbie
  11. A Witch in Search of Myth: Enchanted Visions of Female Transgression and Empowerment in the Oeuvre of Leonora Carrington – Victoria Ferentinou
  12. The Wedding of Light and Matter: Alchemy and Magic in the Films of Derek Jarman – Judith Noble