VIRUS 'The Agent that Shapes the Desert'

'The Agent That Shapes the Desert' LP

"“The Agent That Shapes The Desert” is the third album from Norwegian avantgarde rock maestros, Virus. Whereas its predecessor, “The Black Flux,” was a dense maelstrom that threatened to pull you under, “The Agent…” is dry, sharp, and refined. It combines the dissonant guitar-washes of mastermind Czral’s former band Ved Buens Ende and “The Black Flux” with the outlandish nature of the band’s “Carheart” debut, while simultaneously moving in several new directions at once. At the same time, “The Agent…” is the band’s most coherent, catchy, and well-produced effort yet, and should appeal to music addicts across a vast spectrum of genres. Czral’s trademark sideways riffs are perfectly underscored by the concise, efficient drumming of Einz and Bjeima’s adventurous bass lines. The vocals, also courtesy of Czral, are stronger than ever, at times reminiscent of a choir of mad preachers, at others subtle and brooding, giving off an air of desperation."