UNITED FORCES An Archive of Brazil's Raw Metal Attack 1986-1991

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Heavyweight (6 pounds!) English-language hardcover includes: 

• 528 color pages on heavy-duty 130gsm paper w/over 1,000 color images, photographs, and flyers from the archives of Brazil's metal uprising
• Forewords by Rodrigo Magalhães (Holocausto), Zhema Rodero (Vulcano), Cristiano dos Passos (Necrobutcher), Renato da Costa Souza (Armmagedon, Megathrash, Holocausto), Paulo Gepeto (Ação Direta), Jan Frederickx (Agathocles), Georges Kormikiaris (Low Life Records, Radical Livros), and Borivoj Krgin (Blabbermouth.net)
• Ten illustrated narrative chapters detailing the rise of Brazilian metal and hardcore throughout the 1980s through the eyes of author Marcelo R. Batista
• Over 100 original handmade Portuguese zine pages joined by over 100 English translation pages covering the entire United Forces zine run