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Edited by Joshua Buckley and Michael Moynihan

430 pages.

IN THE FOURTH VOLUME: Alain de Benoist on 'What is Religion?'; Collin Cleary on 'What is Odinism?'; Nigel Pennick on 'Traditional Time-Telling in Old England'; Claude Lecouteux on 'Garden Dwarves' and 'Geiler von Kaiserberg and the Furious Army'; Steve Harris on 'Barbarian Suffering'; Stephen Pollington on 'Germanic Art in the First Millennium'; Michael Moynihan on 'Rockwell Kent's Northern Compass'; and Christian Rätsch on 'The Mead of Inspiration'; interviews with pioneering psychedelic explorer Ralph Metzner, Sequentia's Benjamin Bagby, and Cult of Youth's Sean Ragon; and much more.