TWILIGHT 'Monuments... DCD

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'Monument To Twilight End' 2CD

1-1 Woe Is The Contagion
1-2 Exact Agony, Take Life
1-3 Larval Liaise
1-4 As The March Of Worms
1-5 Winter Before
1-6 White Fire Under Black Text
1-7 Hopeless Etheride
1-8 Swollen Voices In Silence
1-9 Beyond Light (Beautiful And Malignant)
1-10 Swollen Voices In Silence
1-11 Beyond Light (Beautiful And Malignant)
Monument To Time End
2-1 The Cryptic Ascension
2-2 Fall Behind Eternity
2-3 8,000 Years
2-4 Red Fields
2-5 Convulsions In Wells of Fever
2-6 Decaying Observer
2-7 The Catastrophe Exhibition
2-8 Negative Signal Omega
2-9 The Road South
2-10 Weathered Flames
2-11 The House Of Cards (Built On A Burning Bridge)