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Paperback, 334 pages

Edited by Brendan Connell

The Zinzolin Book of Occult Fiction, the first in a planned series of books of occult fiction of many colours, brings together twenty-two tales, dating from 1888-1911, from the occult revival of the British Isles.

Containing a varied and rich array of stories, about dreams and séances, visionaries and madmen, The Zinzolin Book of Occult Fiction, edited by Brendan Connell, is an indispensable addition to any library of the supernatural and occult.

Contents: ANNA KINGSFORD: The Enchanted Woman; H.P. BLAVATSKY: Karmic Visions; CHARLES E. BENHAM: Was He Mad?; HELEN FAGG: Zarina!; LETTICE GALBRAITH: In the Séance Room; WILLIAM SHARP: The Last Quest; A.E.: The Story of the Star; X.L.: Aut Diabolus Aut Nihil; ARTHUR MACHEN: The Novel of the White Powder; M.P. SHIEL: Xélucha; ROBERT HICHENS: The Face of the Monk; H. G. WELLS: The Stolen Body; DORA SIGERSON SHORTER: Transmigration; ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE: Playing with Fire; H. RIDER HAGGARD: Only a Dream; FLORENCE FARR: A Dialogue of Vision; ZURESTA: A Weird Experience; EVELYN UNDERHILL: How Something came from Somewhere; ALESTAIR CROWLEY: The Soul-Hunter; EDWARD STORER: The Three Worms; M.R. JAMES: Casting the Runes; G.M. IRVINE: The Middle Age.