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Edited by Brian Stableford

The Vermilion Book of Occult Fiction, the second in a series of books of occult fiction of many colors, brings together eighteen tales from the French occult revival of the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century. Including key figures, such as Jules Bois and the lifestyle fantasist Joséphin Péladan, and numerous other practitioners, such as Jane de La Vaudère and the highly entertaining Renée Dunan, this volume, much of the contents of which appears in English for the first time, is sure to give new insight into one of the most interesting periods of the occult.

Containing a varied and rich array of stories, about reincarnation and magic, visionaries and secret societies, The Vermilion Book of Occult ­Fiction, edited and translated by Brian Stableford, who also supplies a brilliant, scholarly introduction, is an indispensable addition to any library of the supernatural and occult.

About the Editor
Brian Stableford has been writing for fifty years. His fiction includes include eleven novels and seven short story collections in a series of “tales of the biotech revolution”; a series of metaphysical fantasies set in Paris in the 1840s, featuring Edgar Poe’s Auguste Dupin, most recently Yesterday Never Dies (2012); and a series of supernatural mysteries set in an artist’s colony, most recently The Pool of Mnemosyne (2018). Recent novels independent of any series include Vampires of Atlantis (2016) and The Tangled Web of Time (2016). He also translates antique works from the French, with particular interests in the Symbolist and Decadent Movements, roman scientifique and the fantastique.

Paperback, 356 pages.