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by Stanisław Przybyszewski

This groundbreaking work of historic Satanism is a must have for any scholar of the esoteric. Heavily illustrated by Felicien Rops with a contextual introduction. This is the book that inspired Hanns Heinz Ewers's lecture that he took around Europe


First published in 1897, “The Synagogue of Satan” is a Satanic Symbolist literary masterpiece by legendary Polish-German author Stanisław Przybyszewski. In celebration of the 150th birthday of Przybyszewski Alkahest Press presents this first critical English translation from the original German with diabolical illustrations by Decadent painter Félicien Rops.

“A decadent masterpiece of true Luciferian literature, Stanislaw Przybyszewski’s “The Synagogue of Satan” is a foundational text of modern era Satanism by the world’s first self proclaimed Satanist. Extensively illustrated with the raw, blasphemously sexual, imagery of 19th century painter and illustrator Félicien Rops and bound in a scarlet red heavy stock cover. A must read for any worker of shadows or walker of the left hand path.”

In an edition of 666 copies, paperbound in scarlet morocco texture embossed cardstock.

124 pages, black & white, lavishly illustrated.