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As Told to Charles Fielding and Carr Collins

Published by Thoth Publications, 1998 edition. (I thought I was ordering the 2020 edition with the better cover, but alas...)

Synopsis: Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley stand as the twentieth Century's most influential leaders of the Western Esoteric Tradition. they were very different in their backgrounds, scholarship and style. But for many, Dion Fortune is the chosen exemplar of the Tradition - with no drugs, no homosexuality and no kinks. This book tells of her formative years and of her development. At the end, she remains a complex and enigmatic figure, who can only be understood in the light of the system she evolved and worked to great effect. there can be no definitive "Story of Dion Fortune". This book must remain incomplete and full of errors. However, readers may find themselves led into an experience of initiation as envisaged by this fearless and dedicated woman.