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We start off the new years with a humble collection of books that all appear to be unread/like new. 

by KOETTING, E. A. and Baron DePrince.

The Spider and the Green Butterfly. Voudon Crossroads of Power.

NP [ Utah ]: Eternal Ascent Publications, 2009. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. vi + 146pp. Printed papered boards. "E.A. Koetting joins with Haitian Vodoun Master Houngan Baron DePrince to provide a look into the powers of the ancient magickal system of Vodoun as it is practiced deep in the few remaining jungles of Haiti, far from the safe "Voodoo" Haiti and throughout the western world. Within Haiti there are many Vodoun cults, some accessible to westerners in vacations cities like Port au Prince and Labadee, while others even restrict many native Haitians and common Vodoun practitioners. It is from two of these cults, the Cult of the Spider and the Cult of the Green Butterfly, from which this text derives. Largely an oral system of knowledge of ritual and worship, the inner traditions of Haitian Vodoun are rarely put into print outside of the academic speculation of foreigners. It is even rarer for these super-secret sects to not only reveal their workings to an outsider, but to allow that knowledge to be put into print and circulation in the western world. Not only has The Spider and the Green Butterfly been allowed by these Vodoun cults, and others which cannot be named, this work has been sanctioned by them, each chapter sent to Haiti for approval by a special counsel comprised of the heads of the cults revealing this knowledge. The whole of this text has been approved, sanctioned, and commissioned by the most secret, the most ancient, and the most influential cults in Haiti. The Spider and the Green Butterfly is an inside look at Haitian Vodoun, revealing many of the secrets of Vodoun power, as well as those manifold processes which should not be sought, but which once found unlock an eternal well of knowledge and energy. The secret signs, the ancient rhythms, and the hidden rites of Vodoun are now revealed." A little light bumping to extremities, otherwise a lovely Fine copy. Very scarce.