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Order of Nine Angles

"THE SINISTER TRADITION is an authorized edition of three core works of the Order of Nine Angles: the Grimoire of Baphomet, Codex Saerus, and Naos. The Order is one of the oldest schools to codify Satanic practice, and these texts form the basis of the ONA's hermetic Seven-Fold Way, and the system of Traditional Satanism. Herein is described a way of sinister, predatory spirituality which will challenge its readers to find and defy the limits of self and society. Through the Grimoire of Baphomet, Codex Saerus, and Naos, the initiate learns the basics of the Septenary system, the mythos of the Dark Gods, the basics of Sinister Sorcery, Sinister Chant, the Star Game, and the Seven-Fold Way leading to Adepthood and beyond."