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by Brian Hunt

A massive 456 pages of Mahlon Blaine, the man we know from his work in the Frank Braun trilogy of Hanns Heinz Ewers.

"In 1923 Mahlon Blaine burst upon the art scene with striking works of imagination and vision. Within a short time his work was published in everything ranging from children's books and mainstream magazines to erotic portfolios. The body of work he produced between 1926 and 1930 was nothing short of phenomenal but after 1931 his output became increasingly sporadic. Sadly like so many artists before him who have given us so much, Blaine died penniless and mostly forgotten in January of 1969. This volume samples Mahlon Blaine's unique artistic visions, from his grand emergence in the roaring 20's through his declining years in the swinging 60's. Words of praise for this volume: "This is an overdue recognition of Blaine's fine eye for details in his drawings. You have presented his work in chronological order, which shows his development over the years, giving us an insight into his imaginative art. I am happy to see this fine volume in print."-Helen de la Ree."