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The book appears to be unread, but the jacket has two minor corner bends to the jacket that would drop the price a bit. I've seen new books arrive in worse condition,  but the will be factored into the price. 

: The Trial of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady
by Jonathan Goodman

online review: "Now out of print and unlikely to be re-published this transcript of the Moors Murders trial, only edited somewhat for ease of understanding legal argument, is an exceptional insight into the case, including as it does rare evidence of autopsies, police interviews and tiny forensic details. Brady and Hindley's testimony is in turns chilling and astonishing, Brady's no doubt compromised by his attempt to shield Hindley. How Hindley imagined she could be found not guilty of murder can't really be reasoned, as the evidence against them was profound and their own answers in the dock betrayed their lack of emotion, for instance when Brady fails to comprehend the outcry a missing child would cause and describes keeping the recording of Lesley-Ann because it was 'unusual'; and when Hindley saucily replies to questioning by saying that perhaps there are graves everywhere she has stood. Their incredible attempts to implicate David Smith in the murder of Edward Evans are shocking in their audacity.
A fascinating, compelling window on the most notorious murder trial in modern history."