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by William Seabrook

352 pages.

Foreword by Joe Ollmann
Introduction by George A. Romero
Foreword to 1929 Edition

PART ONE: The Voodoo Rites
I. Secret Fires
II. The Way Is Opened and Closed
III. The Petro Sacrifice IV. The "Ouanga" Charm V. Goat-Cry Girl-Cry
VI. The God Incarnate
PART TWO: Black Sorcery
I. The Altar of Skulls
II. ". . . Dead Men Working in the Cane Fields"
III. Toussel's Pale Bride
IV. Celestine with a Silver Dish
PART THREE: The Tragic Comedy
I. A Blind Man Walking on Eggs
II. A Nymph in Bronze
III. "The Truth Is a Beautiful Thing"
IV. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President!"
V. But the Truth Becomes Somewhat Tangled
PART FOUR: Trails Winding
I. The White King of La Gonave
II. The Black Queen's Court
III. A Torn Scrap of Paper
IV. Portrait of a "Gros Negre"
V. "Polynice and His White"
VI. The "Danse Congo"
VII. "No White Man Could Be As Dumb As That"
VIII. Portrait of a Scientist
IX. Morne la Selle Adventure
X. The Soul of Haiti From the Author's Notebook