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1 of 47 titles obtained from a collection of Occult, Musick and Art books. All have been attended to with great care and affection. Hardbacks with dust jackets have all been protected in mylar sleeves.  All appear like M-/VG++ unless otherwise noted. 


An Occult Fiction Anthology

190 pp.

Three Hands Press

The incantation is one of the most ancient and best-known techniques of verbal magic, utilizing vocal modulation and the complex poetics of the word to conjure spirits or occult power. Other literary forms, such as the epic, koan, psalm and cipher may also participate in the arcana and power accessed by the arts of the occult. Yet fiction, largely considered entertainment or in its higher forms, philosophy seldom transcends its secular associations. Occult Fiction, as an emerging literary form, is a verbal magic realized in both form and function. Not only does it give voice to discarnate entities, it also vivifies them into presence through the flesh of the reader. Having conjured the entic to form, such work generates an embodied state of alienating power within the reader, a possession of sorts which eclipses consciousness and allows sensorial contact with the otherworldly. As the inaugural Occult Fiction Anthology from Three Hands Press, Penumbrae contains twelve tales exemplifying this rubric, some of which have drawn their art from the experiential alembic of occult operations. Among its authors are Kenneth Grant, Don Webb, Richard Gavin, Patricia Cram, Michael Cisco and Sun Yung Shin."

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