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THE LUMINOUS STONE: Lucifer in Western Esotericism.

Edited by Howard, Michael & Schulke, Daniel.

"A major study of Lucifer in both traditional and contemporary occult contexts. The nine essays shed light on the Luciferic magical philosophies of such occult orders as the Fraternitas Saturni, the Order of the Morning Star, and the Cultus Sabbati, as well as the heretical eroto-salvific Christianity promulgated by the Abbé Boullan. The concept of Lucifer as the Witches' God, present both in folklore, and in the modern witchcraft revival is examined. Also, his link with individual revelation, and the nature of the critical interplay between Light and Darkness necessary of Luciferian illuminism. Contributors to this third volume in the Western Esotericism in Context series include Frater U:.D:., Robert Fitzgerald, Michael Howard, Ethan Doyle White, Fredrik Eytzinger, Richard Gavin, Raven Grimassi, Lee Morgan, and Madeline LeDespenser. 160 pages."