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: The Power of the Cadaver in Germanic and Icelandic Sorcery.

by Dickerson, Cody.

Three Hands Press, 2016. A FINE CLOTH COPY in fine dust jacket. Among the ancient Germanic peoples, there existed a highly developed current of magical belief, stemming directly from certain practices with the Dead. While it is difficult for the modern mind to understand these beliefs, it was simply an acknowledged matter of fact that a tremendous wellspring of virtuous power dwelt among the physical remains of the once living, whether man or beast, and sometimes long after the spirit abandons flesh. In this new work, the author has gathered disparate elements of magic, sorcery, and folklore in citing a number of extraordinary methods related to the Dead. By examining ancient and modern materials among the Teutonic peoples of Europe, Dickson began to distill an understanding of the powerful significance reserved not only for the revenants of the departed, but the magical essence of the physical remains as well. From the folk charming traditions of the British Isles to ritual sacrifices held in medieval Sweden, the book provides the reader a rare glimpse into the sorcerous power of the cadaver. Small octavo.