THE GREAT GOD PAN and Other Horror Stories

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by Arthur Machen

Oxford World's Classics

  • A new selection of Machen's core horror classics, a selection of his lesser-known prose poems and later tales helps to present a fuller picture of Machen's development.
  • The first critical edition to include the complete novel The Three Impostors underpinned by scholarly research.
  • Includes a chronology, bibliography, and notes to provide additional contextual interest.

The Lost Club (1890)
The Great God Pan (1894)
The Inmost Light (1894)
The Three Impostors; or, the Transmutations (1895)
The Shining Pyramid (1895)
The Red Hand (1895)
From Ornaments in Jade (1897, 1924)
Psychology, or, Fragments of Paper
The Rose Garden
The Ceremony
The Turanians
The White People (1899)
The Bowmen (1914)
Out of the Earth (1915)
The Coming of the Terror (1917)
The Islington Mystery (1927)
N (1935)
The Children of the Pool (1936)
Ritual (1937)
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