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by Robert Burns


The cover shown is a collage, the books cover is red cloth with gold type, no pictures are to be found on the cover. 

The Fornicator's Court, which was probably written in 1786, was found in Sir Walter Scott's private library at Abbotsford in the Scottish Borders.

The Fornicator's Court is a humorously satirical account of the 18th Century Presbyterian Kirk's approach to sexual shenanigans.

As an adulterer, Burns was no stranger to the quasi-legal and sometimes hypocritical processes of the Kirk and the Kirk Session.
Robert Burns' poem 'O saw ye my Maggie'
Robert Burns' poem 'O saw ye my Maggie' written in his own hand
The Faculty's cloth-bound facsimile contains an introduction by Burns scholars and experts Gerard Carruthers and Pauline Anne Gray, of Glasgow University's Centre for Robert Burns Studies.

Carruthers and Gray said in the late 18th and early 19th Century any publication of The Fornicator's Court would have been privately printed and at the request of only a few subscribers.