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A Psycho's Confession and Case Documents
by John Borowski, Erica Kauffman (Illustrations), Stephen J. Giannangelo (Foreword)

In November of 1957, serial killer Ed Gein was arrested for the murder of Bernice Worden. Her body was found decapitated and hanging like a gutted deer in Gein's barn. When investigators searched the rest of Gein's house they found furniture made from human skin and many more horrifying items which Gein created. For the first time in print, The Ed Gein File presents Gein's full confession and other official case documents. Includes: Ed Gein's Full Confession, Gein's Psychological Report, Autopsy Report of Bernice Worden, and Foreword by Stephen J. Giannangelo, Author of Real Life Monsters. Illustrations and artwork by Lou Rusconi, Roger Scholz, Sam Hane, Charles D. Moisant, and Nicolas Castelaux.

Pages: 334