THE CELESTIAL ART: Essays on Astrological Magic. 

Edited by: Coppock, Austin & Schulke, Daniel A. 

"Introduction by Austin Coppock. Together with: Twelve essays on specific aspects of astrological magic, featuring some of the most important voices in contemporary astrology and magic. The book examines, in no small part, the restoration of astrological magic, and the reconciliation of contemporary astrology with modern occult tradition. Among the topics of research are Vedic Astrology, Alchemy, Greek Astrological Herbalism, the Planetary Magic of the Sābians of ancient Harrān, the place of the Celestial Art in early modern British Magic, and practical planetary sorcery. Illustrated, and printed on archival paper, with an introduction and index, and three original images by artist Joseph Uccello commissioned especially for the volume. 288 pages."