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by JCB, author of"Psalterium Sathanas"

The first print of this book was published in early 2013 in an edition of 50 exemplars. And was at the time sold out in approx 4 hours. The first edition was full 'moire' silk cloth bound hardback and had a gold foil sigil stamp printed to the front cover.

A bit later that same year a second print was release and also printed to 50 exemplars only. The same internal and external book specifications, with the only difference that the second print had a silver foil sigil stamp printed to the front cover. The second edition was also sold in the hours that night and has not been available since.

It has come to our attention that only 1 or 2 exemplars ever were offered in the second hand market.

We have received over the past years many requests to have this book reprinted. And now here it is finally once again. We initially hesitated to do this reprint....simply because we don't know how many people are actually interested in this grimoire.

The "Grimoire of Bhakti Yoga" is a book that serves as a prelude to the follow up grimoire titled "Psalterium Sathanas" by the same author.

In this book one will find guidelines and invocations for the purpose of contemplation and meditation and establishing a Spiritual connection to The Dark King Lucifer.

Provided are sigils to serve as focus points and invocations and mantras to be recited. Additionally is a theoretical essay/prose which is constructed in small sections which serve as a helpful means to set the appropriate mood and context in which the prayers, invocations and hymns should be understood and used in this practise of meditation and devotional service.

The text is titled "The Epistle of Sophia's Luciferian Incarnation: Creation of Environmental Necessity for Man to acquire Wisdom and Divinity".

This work is born out of passion, love and devotion to Sophia, Lucifer and Hekate. 

The sole purpose of this book is to honour and give devotion to the Spirit.


Table of Contents

- Introduction
- Prelude

The Grimoire of Bhakti-Yoga

- Preliminary rite
- Prayer for Wisdom

- The Epistle of Sophia's Luciferian Incarnation: Creation of Environmental Necessity for Man to Acquire Wisdom and Divinity (paragraph I - XIV)

- Prayer for Love and Protection
- Invocation for the Dark Light of Lucifer' Torch
- Prayer for Passage
- Prayer for Inner Serenity
- Invocation to Descent
- Praise to the Triple Manifestation of the most High
- Invocation for Lucifer to Appear