'Revolution Of The Antichrist' CD

Released in a 7" foldout cover with ten square 7"-sized inserts in a black wooden 7" sized box limited to 333 copies.

New, although the CD looks M- as it sits on one of those rather useless little nipples, so it was running free when it arrived. Plays fine.

Revolution Of The Antichrist     5:12
The Headless Monarchy     8:35
The Meal Of The Blasphemers (The Profane Mystery)     9:57
Kiss Of Judas     7:33
The Sealed Time     9:53
Closing The Eternity     8:49
Die Apocalyptish Yahrmakstbude     2:39
The Meaning Of Russian Apocalypsis     5:05
The Sign     7:45
The Black Babel     6:27