SOPOR AETERNUS- Inverted Womb CD Box.

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SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS ‎– 'Songs From The Inverted Womb' CD Box.

The CD looks unplayed. The box was not shrinkwrapped so it has some mild scuffing to the glossy finish, otherwise in incredible shape.

1 Something Wicked This Way Comes... 4:39
2 Tales From The Inverted Womb 4:49
3 Do You Know About The Water Of Life? 4:49
4 ...And Bringer Of Sadness 6:43
5 Résumé...- 8:30
6 Totes Kind / Little Dead Boy 7:20
7 May I Kiss Your Wound? 7:00
8 Saturn Devouring His Children 7:02
9 There Was A Country By The Sea 12:05
10 Little Velveteen Knight 5:52
11 Eldorado 3:44

This is the first edition in a small box with a slipcase containing the CD and limited to 3000 copies.