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The cover is looking exceptionally good and the vinyl has a few visible blemishes but should play okay. Includes the booklet. Priced accordingly. 

A1 Link O'Day 1:16
A2 I Just Came From The Fountain 1:08
A3 Po' Mourner 1:16
A4 You Gonna Reap Just What You Sow 1:14
A5 Ain't That Good News 1:51
A6 I Stood On The River 1:10
A7 Certainly, Lawd 0:45
A8 Railroad Bill 1:12
A9 Children's Game Songs 0:59
A10 Git Up, Chilluns 0:55
A11 Go To Sleep 0:50
A12 This Little Light Of Mine 1:39
A13 Easy Rider 3:12
A14 I Shall Know Him 1:02
B1 My Lawd's Gitting Us Ready 1:28
B2 One Morning Soon 0:49
B3 Get Right 0:38
B4 Stars Begin To Fall 1:33
B5 Better Day A-Coming 1:03
B6 Salagandou 0:59
B7 Step This Way 0:52
B8 I'm In Trouble 1:41
B9 Stand Still, Jordan 1:45
B10 Do' Lawd, Remember Me 1:02
B11 Trouble 1:56
B12 Gwine To Alabamy 1:47
B13 Come & Go With Me To My Father's House 1:07
B14 Before The Sun Goes Down 0:57
B15 How Come Me Here? 0:31
B16 March On 1:23