SOL INVICTUS- King & Queen Digi-CD

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Sun & Moon 3:56
The Gods Looked Down 2:41
Tears And Rain 4:54
The Return 4:24
Lonely Crawls The Night 5:00
Edward 3:16
World Turn Green 4:40
Someday 6:28
All's Well In Hell 7:22
The Watching Moon 4:12
King & Queen 4:09

Re-release with eight bonus tracks

Originally released back in 1992 and deleted for a long time, "King & Queen" comes back stronger than ever in an enhanced packaging (limited portrait-format Digipak, revised artwork, liner notes) and with bonus tracks: apart from the original album, eight additional songs are included - live recordings from the years 1990 and 1991 which up to now had only been released on the rare and strictly limited LP "Rite Of Spring."