SLUTET - Begynnelsen 3LP

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What The End Of The World Looked Like
A1 Old Blood Kapala (Prologue)
A2 Raped Beauty Sleep
B1 Those Who Seek The World....
...And The Great Cunt Wept
B2 Seven Days Of The Weak
C1 We Reap Our Crops...
C2 Father Of Broken Spines
C3 Raped Beauty Sleep
O Ziemia!
D1 Mull
E1 O Ziemia!
F1 Match Questions - Gasoline Truth
F2 Goddess Of Paradox (Tiamat Yawns Awake)

Compiles all previous releases of the band: W.T.E.O.T.W.L.L, ...And The Great Cunt Wept , O Ziemia! & Jihad.

Comes with a 80 pages A5 size full color/full glossy artbook with photos, paintings, texts, poems etc the band created during the same period.

OBI strip reads (roughly translated):
Old blood collected in a library of ancient black wisdom crushed under corrosive metal, the weeping of the great cunt whose eye is open in eternity to the odd and sacred sounds.

Walking on the broken spines of old men, the percussive superiority complex cracks bone after bone, only those with a weary mind and a bleeding heart will seek soul dissonance here.