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'Liebe und Verfall: Die Hoffnung stirbt, die Liebe nicht.'

1 Das Erwachen (The Awakening) (8:32)
2 Liebe Und Verfall (Love And Decay) (10:52)
3 Unter Den Sternen (Under The Stars) (6:54)
4 Wenn Der Tod Nur Sehnsucht Weckt (When Death Only Creates Longing) (6:57)

The release is on a 4-panel chipboard stock, with hand printed panels, is set up to look like the work received from Herr Esser over the years.

This one has been in the planning stages for a couple of years. Imagine a gloomy, old silent film. Imagine the soundtrack for that film. This CD would be the music you would hear.
Germany couldn't be a more appropriate home for SILBERNACHT, project of one Frank Esser, for this musical score seems to fit in perfectly with an era of film that is legendary the world over thanks to the genius of many a German filmmaker.

"...Sounds like a fractured and off-kilter soundtrack to a German Expressionist flick set in WWII dealing with leather, sodomy and the love of one's country. Who are they? There can't be more stuff like this anywhere else... It's so different from anything else I'veheard in the past, uh 10-15 years! Stunning, really."