SHNING - IV The Eerie Cold LP

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I Och Med Insikt Skall Du Förgå 7:31
Vemodets Arkitektur 7:52
Någonting Är Jävligt Fel 6:19
Eradication Of The Condition 6:57
The Eerie Cold (Samvetskvalens Ballad) 5:51
Claws Of Perdition 6:18

Shining are a band that are consistent, if anything. Although I was not too keen on their debut, this band has gone on to release some of the most powerful and unique black metal out there. Often labelled as a 'suicidal black metal' band, Shining are a far cry from anything warm or cheerful, and while their music's tone is almost unrelentingly bleak and negative, they have managed to stir some profound emotions in me. 'IV: The Eerie Cold' is arguably the album where the band starts taking hold of their more progressive tendencies, a move that would thrust them into the highest echelon of modern Scandinavian black metal.