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Beckoned by sound of spectral flute and lonely melancholy, come that which hides in the parched throats of the lost, the name Shataan forever trapped within those flesh tombs of empty oration. Plying those passerby with an experimental spellcraft of post-punk, neo-folk, and hints of black metal, this creature of spirit quest longing brings forth its latest incantation through the iron dreams of GoatowaRex hypnosis beauty—shades of immortality spammed forth onto grooves of supreme vinyl wax.

Earth is an entrancing excursion beyond the knowledge of shallow experience. Howling forth upon a black storm cloud of sad expulsion, Shataan have honed a sound strange, one that combines the gloom scarred depression of gothic rock composition, with hints of primordial folk and crashing black metal all thrown into the shaman’s mortar and pestle—resulting concoction something rarely consumed within the digestive tract of the multiversal deity. A bottomless well of eclectic sonic poetry, one that the sages of bone dust will find omens of for millennia to come.

Dreaming within the vapours of a boiling astral cauldron, wings of rainbow steam billowing over the celestial rim, Earth is a downward spiral into the decadence of ritual smoke worship. Seekers of the strange, the bizarre, and experimental—will find many petals of sublime wonder here.