SHADES IN MAUVE: A History of the Typhonian Tradition.

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by Edward Gauntlett

New York: Von Zos, 2015. Limited to 400 copies. A FINE CLOTH VOLUME. Colored frontispiece. Associated sigil illustrations included. Introduction by Michael Staley of the Typhonian OTO. This new work explores the Typhonian tradition and its special Current from ancient times through Kenneth Grant and our present. In SHADES OF MAUVE, the emphasis is placed upon the artistic and creative nature of the Current. Kenneth Grant’s work forms a constant undercurrent to the discussion. The text leads out from themes that initially appeared in Kenneth Grant’s MAGICAL REVIVAL, and elaborates a number of topics found in that first volume of the Trilogies. Octavo.

From an online review:
"Shades in Mauve is divided into four obliquely-named chapters: Vanishing Point, Found Objects, Bricolage, Negative Space, and a preamble, Anamorphosis. It is Vanishing Point that contains the largest consideration of the Typhonian Tradition, defining it as an ancient spirituality that is now emerging from the depths of the collective unconscious. Gauntlett briefly traces the Typhonian Tradition from the initial flowering of Stellar Gnosis in sub-Saharan Africa and then to its full application in dynastic Egypt. This material will offer nothing new for readers already familiar with Grant’s own writing (save for, perhaps, the occasional reference to the likes of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock), but there’s a coherent quality to Gauntlett’s copy, in contrast to the glorious but often dizzying style of the master."