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Essays in Honour of Kennth and Steffi Grant. 

Edited by Henrik Bogdan.

London: Starfire Publishing, 2018.

The volume also features a number of new color plates, half-tone illustrations, illustrated endpapers and a specially designed dustjacket by Maria Lindberg Bogdan, incorporating artwork by Austin Osman Spare. 300+ pages. Octavo. 

•    Kenneth Grant: Servant-Satguru-Savant, by Martin P. Starr;
•    From Zos-Kia to the Besz-Mass: Spare and Grant, by Michael Staley; ;
•    Advaita Vedanta in the Works of Kenneth Grant, by Henrik Bogdan;
•    The Magic in Fiction, by Alistair Coombs;
•    From Central Africa to the Mauve Zone: Gerald Massey's Influence on Kenneth Grant's Idea of the Typhonian Tradition, by Christian Giudice;
•    The Role of H. P. Lovecraft in the Work of Kenneth Grant, by Stephen Dziklewicz;
•    Lam and the Typhonian Tradition, by Michael Staley;
•    Inside Outer Space, by Kyle Fite;
•    The Art of Darkness: Kenneth Grant and the Unity of the Soul, by Vadge Moore;
•    Kenneth Grant and Maat, by Nema;
•    Kenneth Grant and Lord Kusum Haranath, by Ruth Bauer;
•    Beyond Crowley: The Foundations of Sexual Magick, by Jan Fries;
•    Clarity versus Weirdness: A vital tension within magick, by Ramsey Dukes;
•    The Atomic Art of Steffi Grant, by Henrik Bogdan;
•    Shakti in Chinatown, by Michael Bertiaux.
•    The Other Woman: Babalon and the Scarlet Woman in Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, by Manon Hedenborg-White.