'Under the Sign of the Capricorn' 3 tape boxset. 

Limited to 444 hand-numbered copies.

3-tape box includes all demos of the band released on black pro-tapes with white onbody print. The box comes with patch, a big booklet (over 90 pages) and a signed certificate.

"Unearthed Arcana" was recorded under a secret fullmoon; November 1995.
The "Secret Side" of "Vanitas" was recorded on the 7th day of June 1997.
The "Moon Side" of "Vanitas" was recorded live on the 28th of December 1996 in Bramsche/Osnabrück at a black Winter night.

Mastered and partially restored from the original mastertapes by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in November 2017.

Tracklist :

Unearthed Arcana
A1 Intro
A2 Screams Of Anguish
A3 Lonesome In Forest At Nightfall
A4 Sensual Defloration
A5 Sailà
A6 Luna Eclipse

B1 Intro
B2 Screams Of Anguish
B3 Lonesome In Forest At Nightfall
B4 Sensual Defloration
B5 Sailà
B6 Luna Eclipse

Vanitas Secret Side
C-I Idolize Me
C-II Caller Of The Moon
C-III Vanitas
C-IV My Life For Yours
C-V Sadomantic Rites (Beherit)

Moon Side
D-I My Life For Yours
D-II Vanitas
D-III Sailà
D-IV Sadomantic Rites (Beherit)
D-V Caller Of The Moon
D-VI Screams Of Anguish
D-VII Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy)

Promo Tape 98
E1 Screams Of Anguish
E2 Sailà
E3 Orion In The Wintersky
E4 My Life For Yours
E5 Fanatica
E6 Through Golden Spheres
E7 Leichengott

F1 Screams Of Anguish
F2 Sailà
F3 Orion In The Wintersky
F4 My Life For Yours
F5 Fanatica
F6 Through Golden Spheres
F7 Leichengott