SARGEIST - The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence CD

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This CD features all Sargeist songs which were previously available solely on vinyl, tape and compilation releases. All songs have been carefully re-mastered to keep up the audio quality.Altogether this CD contains 72 minutes of pure Satanic Black Devotion!

01.Reaping with Curses & Plague
02.The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence
03.Sinister Glow of the Funeral Torches
04.Wraith Messiah
05.Cursed be the Flesh I Have Spared
06.Vorax Obscurum
07.Black Unholy Happiness
08.The Covenant Rite
09.Dead Ravens Memory
10.Crimson Wine
11.Dark Embrace
12.The Crown of Burning Stars
13.The Moon Growing Colder
14.Nightmares & Necromancy