SARCOFAGO- Crust 12"

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Some minor imperfections to the jacket due to pressue applied when stored. Never played, only handled to remove the album from the sleeve for storage purposes.

A1 Sonic Images Of The New Milenium Decay
A2 Day Of The Dead
B1 F.O.M.B.M. (Fuck Off The Melodic Black Metal)
B2 Crust

Limited to 500 copies. Black regular weight vinyl. Comes in standard jacket with 8.25"x8.5" 4-panel folded lyric insert and an 11"x17" band poster with photo exclusive to this vinyl edition and available no where else. 

Runout on Side 1 - "Fuck Off The Melodic Black Metal" - AR-15184-A 
Runout on Side 2 - "Fuck Stamp Collector Black Metal Faggots" - AR-15184-B 

Entire layout for this vinyl edition created from Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier's original artwork and handwriting scans, and redesigned by Antichrist Kramer to create a worn/used "crusty" look not originally there on CD version.