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Refined and double in size than the first issue, this is a book in A5 format, 136 pages and quality papers in paperback.

Participants on this issue are Mortuus, Head of the Demon, Spite, Baxaxaxa, Insulter’s Altar, Hecatomb, Necrogosto, Invocation, Occvlta, Purification, Hail Conjurer, Pagan Hellfire, Phlegein, Sjunde Inseglet, Allerseelen, Subklinik, ROK, Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos, V.L.F. Laboratories, Yiannis K. (Serpent Noir)

Also, original illustrations/collages by the creators with additions by Sebastian Villaseca and very few selected reviews along with a list of recommended albums.