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 'Ye Are Gods' LP

Second album, on gold vinyl, with printed inner sleeve and 20 page libretto featuring liturgical text, lyrics and sheet music. 

A review from an online site
"And the ritual goes on... This next installment of Hymns for the Process Church of the Final Judgement marks the follow-up of Sabbath Assembly's acclaimed Restored To One debut of 2010. "Ye Are Gods" sounds like a Black & White Mass, with spoken words passages and eary dreadful minimalist doomrock songs proclaiming the love for both God and Satan. Sabbath Assembly is still doing a great job in creating a dark spiritual mood. One starts really to question if this is still some kind of charade or if Sabbath Assembly and their worship of the Process Church is the real deal. Musically this is a more mature, richer record than "Restored To One", and the artwork and the booklet are top notch."