SAANATANA - Premadhana Digi-CD

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1. He Govinda, He Gopala! 05:09
2. Bhajahu re mana 04:43
3. Sikshashtaka 07:26
4. Hari Hari Biphale ( Wasted Life ) 06:15
5. Chinnamasta 04:16

Prema - dhana

Poetry is an appeal, questioning, appeal to the reader, justice, truth, an object of love, one's conscience, God.

The sages of the past, yogis, saints and blessed ones expressed their deep emotions of enlightenment in verses and prayers, known in India as bhajans.

In our new concept album, we join the eternal truths celebrated by the teachers of the past.

The treasure of divine love is in the heart of every living being. Only one's own stinginess and inability to love fetters this love, blocking the life flow of spirit and creativity in the dungeon of one's own delusions and doubts.

Open up to the intuitive search for the spirit and allow inner love to break free towards enlightenment and reciprocity with primordial divine power and love!

The basis of the album is the famous bhajans of Vaishnavs - poets, re-experienced and reinterpreted in a modern musical form.
Everyone chooses for himself: be a hero or a traitor to the triumph of the spirit.
We named each song with the name of an epic hero who... more

Released September 28, 2021