'Troth: Part One- Hekate' 10"

A1     Prophecy Of The Seeress     
A2     Mud And Water     
B1     Skuld     
B2     Obsidian Pact     
B3     Temes   

Limited edition of 111 handnumbered copies.

From Portland heathens circa 2002. Mint condition.

Some old Foreced Exposure blurb, likely direct from Beta-Lactam:
"While it certainly can be said that, like its predecessor Hekate, Zalmosis has its bloody scythe lightly dipped in the halitosis of Muslimgauze, the unmistakable 'Z' factor of this latest opus reeks of an absolutely distinct Romulus & Remus-ness. The hand percussion breaks are expertly woven into a sonic miasma that often sounds like the record player is on the fritz. Syrupy raga drones become beds for the rhythms to lie in and decay or sometimes be smashed to bits. Ed. Of 111 copies in a tri-fold cover."