REFRACTIONS: Fallen Visionary.

by Stephen Pochin.

"London: Jerusalem Press, 2012. Limited to 500 copies only. A FINE COPY in custom French fold wraps, enamel papers, & metallic title plate. With a fully illustrated list of the 110 works (including cabinet objects), and a finalized patrons list. Whereas COCKNEY VISIONARY was centered on the works in the South London Gallery collection, this volume finally allows all the AOS loans to the exhibit to be examined in detail. A special feature of the design of this book, using the original Exhibition's sequence of marvelous AOS self-portraits which is recreated across a special fold-out double-sided dust cover. The transcripts of the talks, complete with contextual color Images, are presented by the following contributors: Phil Baker, Geraldine Beskin, Michael Staley, Caroline Wise, Judy Aitken, Christopher Jordan, Ross MacFarlane, William Wallace, and Stephen Pochin. Tall quarto volume with double sided fold-out cover. Limited to 500 copies only. 200+ pages. Color plates and illustrations."