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70 Song Original Bluegrass Collection

Original version of this set, issued without title on labels or with a box or jackets.

Used. All records look in VG condition. Show signs of wear without anything major to note. 

A1 Earl Taylor– Calling Your Name
A2 Franklin County Boys– Dobro On The Ridge
A3 Benny And Vallie Cain– New River Train
A4 Billy Baker (7)– New John Hardy
A5 Pete Pike– In The Pines
A6 Earl Taylor– Stony Mountain Twist
A7 Pete Pike– John Henry
A8 Shady Valley Boys*– Pretty Polly
B1 Red Allen (2) & Frank Wakefield– Little Birdie
B2 Franklin County Boys– Franklin County Special
B3 Country Gentlemen*– Blue Man
B4 Shady Valley Boys*– Baker's Hornpipe
B5 Franklin County Boys– This Heart Of Mine
B6 Billy Baker (7)– Lee Highway Blues
B7 Franklin County Boys– Bluebirds Are Singing
B8 Country Gentlemen*– Patty On The Turnpike
B9 Sid Campbell– This Morning At Nine
C1 Bill Carroll– Heart Attack
C2 Billy Baker (7)– Over The Waves
C3 Benny And Vallie Cain– It's A Weary Weary World
C4 Billy Baker (7)– Old Joe Clark
C5 Bill Carroll– Poker Game
C6 Billy Baker (7)– Katy Hill
C7 Mickey Burke– My Conscience Won't Forget
C8 Shady Valley Boys*– Grey Eagle
C9 Bill Carroll– Just Living Alone
C10 Mickey Burke– Rascal Red
D1 Pete Pike– Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
D2 Shady Valley Boys*– Black Jack Davie
D3 Benny And Vallie Cain– Ragtime Annie
D4 Pete Pike– Knoxville Girl
D5 Red Allen (2) & Frank Wakefield– Musician's Waltz
D6 Shady Valley Boys*– Motherless Children
D7 Pete Pike– Train 45
D8 Red Allen (2) & Frank Wakefield– Rondo
D9 Pete Pike– Put My Little Shoes Away
E1 Buzz Busby– Me And The Juke Box
E2 Benny And Vallie Cain– Peacock Rag
E3 Buzz Busby– Lost
E4 Bill Harrell– Rocky Mountain Ramble
E5 Bill Carroll– I Can't Love You Anymore
E6 Benny And Vallie Cain– Home Sweet Home
E7 Bill Harrell– Reno Bound
E8 Country Gentlemen*– White Rose
F1 Earl Taylor– I Could Change My Mind
F2 Billy Baker (7)– Billy Wilson
F3 Bill Carroll– The Sweetest Gift A Mother's Smile
F4 Shady Valley Boys*– Cripple Creek
F5 Benny And Vallie Cain– Drifting And Dreaming
F6 Shady Valley Boys*– Pig In A Pen
F7 Benny And Vallie Cain– I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do
F8 Shady Valley Boys*– Rainbow
F9 King Brothers (3)– Somebody Touched Me
F10 Benny And Vallie Cain– Long Journey Home
G1 Country Gentlemen*– Heavenward Bound
G2 Shady Valley Boys*– New Sally Ann
G3 Bill Carroll– All About Me
G4 Pete Pike– Down In The Willow Garden
G5 Buzz Busby– Your Red Wagon
G6 King Brothers (3)– Sweeter As The Years Roll By
G7 Buzz Busby– That Guy's Gotta Go
G8 Benny And Vallie Cain– When Springtime Comes Again
H1 Benny And Vallie Cain– Somebody's Waiting For Me
H2 Billy Baker (7)– Shady Valley Special
H3 Benny And Vallie Cain– The Convict And The Rose
H4 Country Gentlemen*– The Gentleman Is Blue
H5 Benny And Vallie Cain– My Love Is Evergreen
H6 King Brothers (3)– Ripple On The Strings
H7 King Brothers (3)– Kiss Me Once More
H8 Benny And Vallie Cain– Whoa Mule Whoa