PSYCHONAUT- Pylon of Daath cassette

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A1 Thanatos And The Death Posture (Hidden Desires) 5:30
A2 Ophidian Dream 4:37
A3 Zos Vel Thanatos (Poisoned Cup Of Eros Mix) 5:04
A4 ChZVN 5:15
A5 Between Neither-Neither 4:03
B1 Sabbat And Dreaming 4:30
B2 I And The Hidden 2:30
B3 Nekronaut 5:05
B4 Quadriga Sexualis 6:00
B5 Nuit And The Manifestation Of Woman Divine 4:00
B6 Pylon Of Daath 6:19

Edition of 131 hand-numbered copies.

This cassette release from Live Bait Recording Foundation is the original Valefor presents Psychonaut "Pylon of Daath" release. It contains the Ophidian Dream recordings from Valefor's "Desert Of Set" cassette and remixed material from the "Niantiel - Work Of The Black Temple" album.
Packaged in a 5"x5" signed & sigiled cover with two inserts.

Note: this cover is a folded piece of paper so it's a bit molded to the shape of having been stored with a cassette tape inside it.