PSYCHIC TV - 'Dreams Less Sweet' LP

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Dreams Less Sweet
Hymn 23
The Orchids
Iron Glove
Always Is Always
White Nights
Ancient Lights
Proof On Survival
Eden 1
Eden 2
Eden 3
Clouds Without Water
Black Moon
Silver And Gold
In The Nursery

The album was recorded using Zuccarelli Holophonics technology, a binaural recording system optimized for headphone listening also used by Pink Floyd on The Final Cut. The band took advantage of the spatial effect (sometimes described as 3D) achieved by Holophonics to record in unusual locations like The Hellfire Club caves, Christ Church in Hampstead, and Caxton Hall.

"Always Is Always" is the Charles Manson composition also known as "Always Is Always Forever" and "I'll Never Say No to Always".

"White Nights" incorporates lyrics derived from the last sermon of cult leader Jim Jones.

The "Eden" suite incorporates a recording of body art pioneer Mr. Sebastian reassuring Psychic TV associate John Balance about a tattoo he is about to give him.